After a year off, it was time to get cracking with my bivy a month routine again, as I was missing the extra time spent outdoors. I kept with tradition and waited till the end of January to get my first one in, heading out on a Monday night late on, with a bike full of bivy gear and a short for work the next morning.

Moody night out the back of Westhill

I had a spot in mind on the edge of the Skene estate, but with the high winds and a whiff of rain in the air I stopped in the forest near the edge of the loch instead and started putting up the tarp to keep me dry before bed.

Bright moon and tree tunnels
Couldn’t resist trying to get moon shots

The rain never really came to much, but I was playing it safe in case my laptop got a soaking before work!

Home for the night

Once my faffing was complete, I had a cuppa and a sandwich and settled down for sleep well after midnight. The impromptu change of location turned out to be wise, as I could hear the wind blasting the countryside around me, but barely felt it deep in the trees. My original plan would have had a better view, but was much more exposed. As it was I could still peep out at the moon and stars through the canopy above if the desire took me.

Tucked in

My alarm was set, but probably not early enough – I dragged myself out of bed and by the time I’d packed away all the tarp paraphernalia properly it was well after 7 and I was pushing my luck for getting to work on time with 25km to cover.

Hint of sunrise

I kept a steady pace and whizzed through the near dawn, getting in and showered just in time for the morning’s first meeting – it’s good to be back!

Work bound
Even saw some daylight before reaching the office

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