It’s been a while coming, but I finally managed to get Kerr out for a proper wild camp in the Cairngorms. I’d had various plans in my head pretty much every year, none of which have come to fruition, thanks to playing overly safe with the weather, midge levels etc. so it was great to just load up the car and do it. Due to a late start as always, we weren’t going too far, so the old cargo trailer was loaded to the gills and we headed out from the Linn of Quoich. 100 metres and a broken hitching skewer later, the trailer was returned to the car and the huuuuge bag hung painfully from my shoulders. We definitely weren’t going far!

Despite the slight change of camp location, we had a great weekend of getting grubby and dishevelled, finished with lunch and an ice lolly in the sun at Braemar.

Trailered up and ready to go
Lovely evening for it
A nice breezy spot to keep the midges at bay
Down to the river for hydration
Kerr’s in charge of water scooping
Dinner’s on
Tucked in for the night
Tent marbles was not a success
Prompting yet another river visit
Bacon buttie brekky
He woke up and announced he was going to find a pet lizard – I may have underestimated him
Heading back
Shortly before crashing whilst stunt-riding under a gate
A friendly beetle provided welcome distraction

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